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Project Name:  CSV2JSON ("Map Maker") Tool

Current Version: 1.1.1

Operating System requirements: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 (will run under Mac OSX using Parallels or Boot Camp)

BuzzTouch Project Compatibility:  Any version of BuzzTouch using Location Map screens

BuzzTouch Screen Type: Location Map Screen

BuzzTouch Implementation: Remotely hosted data, File inclusion in build, Pasted into BT_Config.txt

Overview:  Allows user to quickly create JSON formatted map data from a CSV (spreadsheet) document

Support Forum: http://idevdepot.com/?forum=csv2json-tool-map-builder

Price: $10.00 (including all future updates!)



  • Easy to import map points from CSV file
  • Supports comma or pipe delimited CSV files
  • Option to include URL and NavBar Title to link map points to a webpage
  • Outputs a text file that can be hosted, included in build, or pasted into BT_Config.txt
Benefits over native BuzzTouch functionality:
  • Quicker to create multiple map points without using BuzzTouch's control panel
  • Ideal for maps with a large number of map points
Possible Application:
  • Using a remotely hosted map data file to allow real time editing of map points
  • Use the quick editing power of spreadsheet software to greatly decrease development time of large maps





Here’s the opening screen with some important information about how the CSV file should be formatted.  Make sure you get the format correct before trying to import, as it will save you a lot of headache.  If you are somewhat familiar with spreadsheet software (moving columns, etc), then it should be fairly easy to handle.


When you get to the actual conversion screen, the first thing you need to do is open your CSV file.


Here’s what my sample file looks like in Excel. Notice it only has four columns, and no headers. Very simple layout. The columns should be in the following order: Title, Subtitle, Latitude, Longitude.


Here’s the dialog box where you can browse for your CSV file. (Note: if you are using Parallels, make sure you have your file saved in a drive/folder you can access from within Parallels).

Here's the rest of the options that you can configure after your CSV file has been successfully imported. Explanation of Options: Starting itemID: Start with any number that is unique to your BT_Config.txt file. I suggest using a 8 digit number. If you are making multiple map screens in your project, change the starting ID to something unique each time.

Show Driving Directions for All Maps?: If you select "yes" for this, each map location will link to driving directions. If not, they will just be markers on the map. There is not an easy way at the moment to have the option of linking to another BT screen, since the tool would have to also know all of your other itemIDs.

Delimiting Character: You can choose from either a comma or a pipe. Most CSV's default to using commas, but if you have commas in your spreadsheet data, you will have to use the pipe. (google how to do this).

Folder and Filename: Should be self explanatory. Make sure neither input box is blank. If the file already exists, you will be asked if you want to delete it or not. After all that's set, hit Create!

Allow the program to run for a few seconds, and you should have a new file created with all your map locations properly formatted!


Here’s what my sample text file looks like. There is no wordwrap or fancy text formatting, but it works! I’ll upload this to Dropbox and give my project a test!


Here’s what the setting for the Data URL of the map screen in BuzzTouch looks like.

And the moment we’ve all been waiting for!

Update to v1.1

2 New columns to include the Navbar Title and URL for each map location.

Now you can see the Arrow in the description, which leads to the URL screen.



Get the CSV2JSON Tool



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  1. Cyrus_8888

    Hi Stobe,
    Does map maker v1.1 have an option to select yes/no to "Show Driving Directions"?
    Is it possible to link each address to a Native App (Google Maps) in the location map? 

    • Yes, on the 4th screenshot above, you can see the yes/no field for driving directions.

      And currently the CSV2JSON Tool (Map Maker) works with Buzztouch’s map location screen, which uses the iPhone’s native mapping app.  I’m not sure how that will change with iOS6.

      • Cyrus_8888

        Hi Stobe,
        I tried to load my csv file but with no luck. I've selected delimiting character with pipe, cause I've got commas in my file its for all the location addresses. After the file is loaded, all my text seems to squeezed in one grid. I've also tried to delete the commas for some addresses by loading "delimit with commas" for testing, it loads perfectly. Problem is I can't do it for all. I've got too many addresses. Please advice what might be the problem? Cheers!

        • Did you output the file from your spreadsheet program with a pipe delimiter?

          If you want, you can send me the CSV and/or the spreadsheet and I'll take a look at it.  

          You can email it to idevdepot at gmail

  2. Hi Stobe The software works great thanks!
    However im experiencing some issues getting the data link to work.
    I uploaded the txt file to my public dropbox folder and copied the url as the data URL. When I run the build in my iOS simulator I get a "there was a problem parsing some configuration data. Please make sure that it is well-formed!?

    • Jon,

      The first thing I would check is to see if any of your data has commas or quotes in the text.  This can throw off the parsing.

      Did the data all look good when it was imported in the tool?

      I'd be happy to take a look at your files if you want to send the CSV file and/or the output text to me via email:  qpapps at gmail

  3. email sent 🙂 thanks

  4. Tom Benson

    Hi Stobe, nice tool.  
    I've been looking for some PHP or other server code that I can use, to ceate map JSON files for my apps.  Basically I want to store many thousands of map points in my SQL file on my buzz 2.0 server, and when my app sends a request (via DataURL for that screen) the system gathers up the right map points, creates JSON records like these, and returns them in the .txt file, which BT reads as usual.
    Can your tool be adapted to do this or do you know somebody who already has?


    • No, this tool won’t do that.  This tool is more for databases or spreadsheets that you have created on your computer.  I think David had an example of a similar type PHP script in the v1.5 documentation.  Might be a good place to study up on it.  Good luck!

      • Tom Benson

        Thanks…also I'm looking at Parse, which seems to have this exact funciton.  Just have to do more digging 🙂


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